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Over the last couple of evenings I’ve watched the first six episodes of Bodacious Space Pirates and I’m enjoying it so far.

Bodacious Space Pirates has some nice world building, and some actual logic has gone into the set up.  In particular it is worth mentioning that they are more privateers than pirates given the Letter of Marque that is essential to the set up, and that is a nice historical touch.

Kato Marika, the main character, has been nicely realised with her innate tactical talents balanced against her inexperience: Marika is astonishingly good for a rookie, but still a rookie.  Several scenes feel like an anime take on a Cadet/Middie version of Honor Harrington, and this is no bad thing.

There are some problems with at least one (thankfully adult) character cast as Ms Fanservice.  Even this is fairly minor compared to giving a high school space yacht club control of a fairly impressive ship for a cruise, as well as an EVA sans safety lines.

I’m not too fond of the opening and closing songs, but they’re starting to grow on me.

The opening does show one potential problem I’m worried about as the series goes on: Loads and Loads of Characters which may be hard to keep track of.

Despite this the story has been quite good so far, with some laugh out loud moments along the way. [1]

The Wikipedia page indicates that there will be a blu-ray release and, based on what I’ve seen so far, I’m very likely to pick this one up.

[1] The paperwork involved in inheriting the more or less legal privateer Bentenmaru is hilarious, as are some of the training montages.