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This Snapshot 2012 interview with Dave Freer contains this killer line: The truth is the publishing world doesn’t like Baen.

That explains a lot.  A trend I’ve been noticing over the last couple of years is that SF blog posts about ebooks, epublishing, the evils of DRM, geolocks, etc, etc, almost never mention Baen Books.

As David mentions in his interview, Tor Books started adopting a DRM-free approach recently and are “being hailed as ground breakers” [1]

It is only groundbreaking if you ignore the publishers who started doing DRM-free, geolock free, e-publishing over a decade ago, and show no signs of stopping.

So, other than the reason that Dave Freer gave above, why does everyone ignore Baen Books when they talk about e-books?

Why do people pretend that Baen Books doesn’t exist?

[1] For example see this post on Whatever, and this one by Charles Stross: the only mentions of Baen are in the comments.
EDIT: As and when I see further examples I will come back to this post and add them for reference.
18/06/2012 Today’s addition is courtesy of @colvinius: a discussion in the Wall Street Journal that completely fails to give any examples beyond Kindle and Amazon.