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First go read rdmasters review of Iron Sky over here. I’ll wait here until you get back.

In terms of reviewing the movie itself I have very little to add.  As Rob said it was a fun film with some devastatingly accurate satire [1], good acting, and some good visuals.  It was also very stylishly designed and presented, always a plus for me [2].

What I did want to talk about briefly was Rocketship Galileo.

For all that Rocketship Galileo is one of the weakest of the Heinlein juveniles [3], it still had that sensawunda about it that captured my imagination.  It is said that “the golden age of science fiction is 10”, and to a very large extent Iron Sky brought that all back to me [4].

I didn’t examine Iron Sky too closely [5], I just let it roll over me and take me back to the wonder.

I had a great time, and for that alone I recommend Iron Sky.


[1] As is usually the case, the satire will be completely ignored by the intended targets.

[2] Exhibit A: Dagger of Kamui. Exhibit B: Anything by Lejji Matsumoto.

[3] Although honesty compels me to admit that I may not have come to this realisation for some time.  Then again, who expects an 8 – 10 year old to be capable of that level of critical analysis?

[4] I’m clearly not the only one: Rocketship Galileo is listed in the “See also” section of the Iron Sky Wikipedia page.

[5]Even forewarned I only spotted some of the parody scenes referred to by Rob in his review.