This is good news. Hopefully it will herald a local re-release by Madman.

No sign of a remastered bluray however.

Beneath the Tangles

Finally, it looks like FUNimation is going to release Haibane Renmei!  Previously issued by Geneon, the series has been out of print, though the property was picked up by FUNimation in 2010.  Since then, fans have been clamoring for a new release by the company (this writer was blessed to receive the DVDs as a gift).

Recently, FUNimation opened a page for the series, which includes streaming video for the first two episodes for subscribers.  It also features a new trailer, which ends with this image captured by a member of the Fandom Post forums:

Haibane Renmei DVD

It’s wonderful to see the folks at FUNimation streaming this classic and, more importantly, releasing it on DVD.  Now, let’s see if everyone put their cash where their mouths are and shell out what I’m sure will be a reasonable price for this amazing series!

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