Magic Knight Rayearth

Magic Knight Rayearth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The four classical elements are Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, but in Magic Knight Rayearth there are only three: Water, Air, and Fire.

Or are there?

I’ll start with Ryuuzaki Umi [1] who found her Rune-God Selece in a Temple beneath the sea.  Pretty much Water all the way.

Then there’s Hououji Fuu [2] who found her Rune-God Windam in a Temple floating in the sky.  Pretty much Air or Wind all the way.

Now I’ll turn my attention to the undisputed leader of this merry band Shidou Hikaru [3] who found her Rune-God Rayearth (emphasis added) in a Temple underneath a volcano.  In fact the Temple was mostly in a cave.

Superficially this is all Fire but between the Rune-God’s name, and the location, I have to wonder if there’s a supporting element of Earth to Hikaru’s powers.  The royal symbolism of the Lion in her name is also supports this.

I’ll admit that this is fairly wild speculation mostly unsupported by facts [4], but I think it helps to account for why Hikaru was the dominant character of the three, and also why SPOILER [5].

Questions, comments, Bueller?

[1] A name which I’ve seen translated as “Great Dragon of the Ocean”. Sometimes CLAMP lack subtlety.

[2] A name which I thought translated as “Green Wind”, but is shown as “Wind of the Phoenix Temple” here. See previous comment re CLAMP and subtlety

[3] A name which roughly translates as “Lion of Light”. See previous, etc.

[4] Which is why it is fun to do. J

[5] If you don’t already know, and want to, click here.