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One nice touch in Oh My Goddess! volume 18 is the little article on the technology seen in the manga.  It starts with the following text:

No robotics engineer worth her hair bow would roll without packing a multimeter…

The article then goes on to discuss Skuld’s preferred multimeter for diagnosing circuits when dealing with her creations Banpei and the Welcome Robot [1].

This got me thinking that most discussion of the gender roles in Oh My Goddess! focuses on Belldandy [2].  This is fair enough, Belldandy is one of the leads, but is somewhat incomplete.

As soon as I saw the above quote I started wondering who else would be covered by that quote, and immediately Chihiro, Megumi, and Sora [3] sprang to mind.

There is no doubt an element of author appeal[4] here but even so it is nice to see such a range of technically capable female characters who even get to talk shop on occasion.

[1] The Welcome Robot gets a name soon.

[2] See this Shojo Corner post by Starsamaria for a good example of a Belldandy centred discussion.

[3] Presumably since she’s a member of the Motor Club, although this is never actually seen.