Cover of the first volume released by Shodensh...

Cover of the first volume released by Shodensha, featuring the heroine, Rin Kaga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I received the first 5 volumes of the Bunny Drop (or Usagi Drop, take your pick) manga on Friday. The first 4 volumes are essentially the same story as the anime (general review here, review of region 4 DVD release here), with volume 5 being the first part of the 2nd story arc set ten years later.

One of the things I quite liked in the anime, and in the first four volumes of the manga, were the reasonably positive gender roles.

Oh dear.

Somehow in the intervening ten years Rin-chan has become an athletic, gifted student, with huge potential who doesn’t want higher education, doesn’t want a career, and simply wants to get married and have kids as soon as possible.

I really noticed this because it is at odds with the generally positive environment surrounding her: a family that almost literally swoons at her report cards and is encouraging a wider view of the world.  Granny aiming for top colleges, and Daikichi’s positive attitude stood out here, but they weren’t alone.

I’m not saying that Rin is wrong, and maybe her own broken family past helps to explain her attitude, but it just seems so… limited.

I’m going to order the rest of the series as it comes out (and, yes, I’m aware that the ending may be disturbing), but I’ll defer further reviews until I have the whole series.