Key the Metal Idol

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Key the Metal Idol is a 15 part OAV series, including two movie length episodes. Key was released progressively from 1994 to 1997. Key is a real puzzle box that can hurt your head so I’ve decided to tackle it episode by episode in a Twenty Days series [1] starting tomorrow.

I only have Region 1 discs that won’t play in my laptop [2] so writing these posts may involve some juggling.

As usual there will be five meta posts that will probably include a discussion of gender, the quality of the dub, and a retrospective.  The sequence of these posts, and the topics for two posts have not been finalised.

Finally, as with the previous twenty/thirty days series, these posts will be spoiler heavy. I’ll try to put the synopsis for each episode after a Read More tag, but this is the only warning that will be given.

To wrap up this introduction, here is the post list as it currently stands:

Day 1 – START UP

Day 2 – CURSOR I


Day 4 – ???

Day 5 – ACCESS

Day 6 – SCROLL I


Day 8 – ???

Day 9 – RUN

Day 10 – GOTO

Day 11 – RETURN

Day 12 – ???

Day 13 – BUG

Day 14 – SAVE

Day 15 – VIRUS I

Day 16 – ???

Day 17 – VIRUS II

Day 18 – SYSTEM

Day 19 – EXIT

Day 20 – Looking Back at Key The Metal Idol


[1] I don’t expect everyone, or even most readers, to agree with my interpretations.  Discussion will be welcome.

[2] Not entirely true.  I do have a limited number of changes from and back to Region 4.