The Siren Visual Australian release of Usagi Drop is a nice piece of work.  I won’t revisit my review of the series itself save to note that Usagi Drop stands up well to repeat viewing. 

Unlike many shows there are few, if any, funny once moments that work on first viewing but make you want to fast forward or skip when rewatching. It helps that Rin-Chan is still the Cute Event Horizon.

The DVDs have crisp, clear transfers and good sound, albeit only a 2.0 soundtrack. The translation also feels solid.

A good set of extras is provided: the four bonus episodes, the Japanese TV promo spots, as well as the ever popular clean openings and closings.

Mind you, having 15 clean openings and closings for an 11 episode series is a touch excessive.  There are only two songs, but multiple versions of the animation, and the endings always referenced the content of the episode. I think this is possibly the most extreme version of evolving credits I’ve seen since Fruits Basket.

I do have some criticisms of the release.  The bonus episodes are numbered 2.5, 3.5, 5.5, & 8.5 and do work better in sequence.  However they are all grouped on the second disc under the extras menu.

Secondly I was hoping that Puffy’s music video for the full length Sweet Drops would be included, but alas no joy.

Other than that thoroughly recommended for anyone with access to Region 4 DVDs.