Over the last week or so my snarky, and mostly unsubstantiated, speculation about the upcoming TV broadcast of Nadia: Secret of Blue Water has been the most popular post here. 

So I thought I’d actually do a little web research and post a follow-up.

It turns out that a limited edition remastered blu-ray set was released in Japan in November last year (that’s the cover image there), and promptly hit the best seller lists (albeit only for a week as far as I can tell).

So there may well be some pent up demand for this to be re-broadcast in Japan, and the remastered edition already exists as a 7-disc set. 

This probably means that the Island episodes are in, for all the good that remastering those episodes would have done. 

I think it also means that there is a reasonable chance of a subtitled release in the US and/or Australia.  That’s something to keep an eye on as I always meant to buy Nadia but just never seemed to get around to it.

I will however bet that that the subtitled release will be marketed as coming from “the studio that brought you Evangelion” or some such. 

At which point I’ll hold my nose, try to ignore the Eva Jelly Donut text plastered all over it, buy the thing anyway, and hope that Gainax doesn’t make too much off the deal.