Main castOne aspect of WordPress that I’ve been liking is browsing the Anime category [1]. One thing I’ve been seeing recently is an image of an anime broadcast calendar for Spring 2012 (example here).

On it is a remastered Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water (aka Fushigi no Umi no Nadia).

Oh dear.

Given my generally low opinion of Gainax, my first reaction to this is to wonder if Gainax are flogging a dead goose in hopes of extracting one more golden egg.  If so, the execrable island episodes will also be remastered to extend the run and maximise the advertising revenue.

It is, I suppose, remotely possible that this is due to overwhelming demand for an updated edition, sans the island episodes.  In which case the possibility of a Western re-release in remastered form is actually pretty exciting.

But I’m not holding out much hope of that.
[1]I have to skip most of the entries that spoil current season shows, but that is where I’ve been picking up some of the wordpress blogs that I’m currently following.

EDIT: I have confirmed that a remastered Nadia exists on blu-ray – details here.