This is the weakest volume of Oh My Goddess! that I’ve read so far. The opening and closing chapters are quite amusing, but the middle chapters didn’t do much for me.

Chapter 24 The Flying Motor Club involves the Motor Club being, as usual, broke and suffering at the hands of Aoshima’s machinations. This includes the destruction of their clubhouse. Digging in the wreckage they find the fuselage of a Shinden, a prototype pusher fighter that never actually flew in WWII [1].

The prototype was dismantled and buried at the airfield to hide it from the allies. The Nekomi Institute of Technology was built over the airfield.

Naturally the fuselage has a spirit that yearns to fly, and Belldandy is happy to oblige. After dousing for the other buried parts [2], Belldandy sends the Motor Club all over campus to dig up the other parts. The Motor Club succeeds in reassembling the Shinden, as well as getting Keiichi to pilot it (after a fashion).

There are a lot of amusing sidelines in this chapter including what I think is a shout out to Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. In fact now that I think about it I do wonder if some of the world building in Honneamise was at least partially inspired by the Shinden.

This chapter ends up carrying most of the rest of the volume.

The next chapter, Let’s Take the Love Seeds has Urd messing up a love potion. The inevitable hijinks ensue but rarely rise above mildly amusing.

The next four chapters deal with the first appearances of the demon goddess Mara. I didn’t really like these chapters at all. For the most part they’re not as funny as the Monty Python reference on the back cover [3]. The last of these episodes where Keiichi’s sister Megumi gets turned into a Porsche 356 Speedster is at least amusing.

The final chapter Engine O’ Mystery is another Motor Club episode, this time an economy race to get the most distance for the least fuel. Aoshima is up to no good again by sneaking kerosene into their fuel to wreck the Motor Club’s engine. This is no match for the Irish unionised trolls that Belldandy and Urd persuade to help out in the engine [4]. The engine trolls are hilarious and round out this volume nicely.

One nice touch in this chapter is having Belldandy drive the Motor Club’s vehicle. I haven’t covered all the details but the Motor Club do end up with a clubhouse again at the end at Aoshima’s expense. Of course it doesn’t have any window frames because the Motor Club had, ah, requisitioned them to build their vehicle whilst it was still Aoshima’s.

Overall this is a weak volume and I’m hoping for more in Volume 5.


[1] There were two prototypes, one of which flew but was taken to the USA after the war.

[2] Which no one seems to question.

[3] “…that turns Keiichi into a newt! He gets better…” I mean, what’s not to like there?

[4] They’re small trolls…and they compress very well in the cylinder.