Riverbank Estate is one of the vineyards in the Swan Valley and, as is usually the case, has a restaurant attached[1].

In my, admittedly limited, experience vineyard restaurants tend to have fairly short menus.  However the menu at Riverbank Estate is well rounded with about half a dozen choices in each category.

A pleasant surprise was how much of the menu is targeted at Coeliacs.  The markings to look for are (C) or (C*), with the later indicating that it is optionally for Coeliacs. 

There is a somewhat more limited range of vegetarian options[2], but I doubt that any qualify as vegan.

I ordered the sirloin of beef and followed it with the crème brulee and an iced coffee.  The food and service was excellent, if perhaps a touch on the expensive side.   I probably should have ordered some vegetables to accompany the steak, but this is fairly standard. 

One mildly annoying aspect of the service was the default offering of bottled water[3], tap water is still available but has to be explicitly asked for.  However this is a personal foible as I generally find Australian tap water to be perfectly drinkable[4].

The setting for the restaurant is very pleasant with the outside tables under a wide veranda that catches a good breeze.  Despite being a fairly hot day it was still reasonably comfortable outside, especially in good company.

The other potential drawback is that the location in the Swan Valley some distance from the city may discourage some people from getting out to it.

Having said that this is a restaurant I would be happy to return to.  Recommended.

[1] The restaurant has won several awards according to the website, justifiably so in my opinion.

[2] Necessary since we were there to celebrate my sister’s birthday. J

[3] Naturally both still and sparkling is on offer.

[4] Adelaide being the only exception I’ll admit to.