Phantom Quest Corp is a short 4 episode OAV series about a company that hunts the paranormal. 

Phantom Quest Corp.

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This is a fairly lightweight piece of work: the closest it comes to a story arc are the three running gags of:

  • Getting Ayaka to wake up in the morning;
  • Her bottle fairy tendencies; and
  • The perpetual poverty of the You-Gen-Kai-Sya.

Incidentally the title is a multilayered pun in Japanese which the wikipedia link explains in some detail.

I do wonder if Ayaka’s design (pictured) influenced the later design of Eclair from Kiddy Grade.

What this image doesn’t show is Ayaka’s lipstick sword,  which is fairly close to the lipstick lasso favoured by Eclair (shown in the second image).

Kiddy Grade

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This is an amusing enough series, but one that is fortunate to only have four episodes.
Otherwise it would outstay its welcome.