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Anne McCaffrey has, sadly, passed between forever. 

I mentioned briefly on twitter that it has been a while, a long while, since I looked forward to a new Anne McCaffrey novel. 

But I did once.

In fact Anne was one of the first authors to go onto my “buy-in-hardcover” list once I had the income to support it.

I think my first encounter with her work was Dragonsinger: Harper of Pern in high school but Dragonflight and The Ship Who Sang could not have been far behind.  That I had read Dragonsong second surprised her when I met her at a signing session in Perth (at The Space Merchants as I recall).

These are works I still remember fondly, and which have stood the test of many adult rereads since.

The title story of The Ship Who Sang collection still has the power to move me.

One of the early Helva stories, Dramatic Mission, inspired what interest I have in seeing Shakespeare performed.  The sheer passion for performing the plays in that story was impossible to deny.

I am not musically, or dramatically, inclined so catching my interest in such subjects (and, yes, I enjoyed The Crystal Singer too) shows the love for performance that Anne had, and conveyed so well.

Vale Anne McCaffrey, you will be missed.