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With Lodoss War and Escaflowne I was able to dive straight in to the Twenty/Thirty Days posts. With Gunslinger Girl I don’t have that degree of familiarity so I’ve been doing a quick rewatch first.

I am quickly coming to the realisation that although I could do a Twenty Days series on Gunslinger Girl, I don’t particularly want to.

On looking at it again Gunslinger Girl is a good series, but not a particularly enjoyable one.

Among other things Gunslinger Girl provides a necessary deconstruction of the superficially feminist aspects of the Girls with Guns trope.

Having the girls be conditioned and brainwashed assassins puts the power with their handlers. This is a useful reminder that it is the freedom of the character, rather than the gear, that makes for empowerment. 

It is also an open question as to the extent to which the girls are being used by the agency to manipulate the handlers.

The early episodes are largely character studies of each girl, and how the fratello works. Many of these episodes are fascinating, and well worth a look.

But beyond that there’s really not a lot to enjoy about this show, and certainly not enough to make doing 20 posts on it something that I’m looking forward to.

Certainly at 9 (of 13) episodes in I’m thinking “no, just no” and I doubt that the remaining episodes will change my mind.

I haven’t decided which show I will do next yet.