As it turns out I have my own confession to make regarding The Vision Of Escaflowne (1996): I very nearly bounced off the first episode and came this close to not going back.

Fortunately I gave it another try and Escaflowne is now one of my all time favourites. That doesn’t mean that these posts will be universally paeans of praise however, I will be attempting at least some critical analysis.

One of the nice features of The Vision of Escaflowne is that in each episode the presentation of the title is accompanied by the turning of a Tarot card that matches the episode.

Conversely the episode previews show only the back of the card.

To honour this the topic list won’t include the relevant tarot card until I write the post for that episode. Which in this case is The Tower, which Hitomi describes as the card of distant separation.

This episode starts by introducing the lead character Kanzaki Hitomi who is quite the gifted athlete for a 16 year old, although she is yet to break 13s for the 100m dash. She is also established as something of a fortune teller.

A timed attempt at doing so is interrupted by a vision of the other lead character Van Fanel as well as some quite horrifying visions of war and destruction judging by Hitomi’s reaction. Unsurprisingly Hitomi faints and awakes in the nurse’s room in the presence of her crush, the upperclassman Susumu Amano.

News that Amano is leaving causes Hitomi to finally do a reading of her future with Amano and this reveals the The Tower, much to her dismay.

The particularly Japanese teen romance aspects in this episode are a bit overdone, although there are some key hints for future episodes. To be honest I think this is what I reacted to badly in the first episode the first time around, and it is still a bit on the cloying side.

Fortunately this gets interrupted by Van Fanel’s appearance for real this time and Hitomi promptly crashes into him. I always liked this touch: since he was a vision last time why would Hitomi think differently this time?

Then things get worse: a sword armed and armoured warrior appearing out of nowhere is one thing. The appearance of the dragon that he was hunting (or vice versa at this point) is quite another.

Van’s fight with the dragon is extremely well done and features the first time in which Hitomi uses her visions to change the outcome, saving Van’s life in the process.

Van is not appropriately grateful, and Hitomi lets him know this in the time honoured fashion (SLAP!). I have to say: Van had that coming. 🙂 It was also amusing to watch him be completely unable to handle Hitomi as she, quite understandably, goes through a lot of emotions in the aftermath of being hunted by a dragon.

After retrieving the Energist from the Dragon Van is summoned back to Gaea in a beam of light. Unfortunately so is Hitomi, and Amano only just has time to return her pendant before she disappears.

[Aside: one of the other nice things about Escaflowne is the almost absurd attention to continuity around Hitomi’s possessions. You can track them without fail from episode to episode and I don’t think the animators ever got it wrong.]

And then Hitomi arrives in Gaea with Earth in the sky as a second moon.


Cut to the end credits and the preview for the next episode.

There was one other aspect of the first episode that, in retrospect, I was quite sceptical of but I’ll discuss that tomorrow as it was the second episode that resolved it.

Fateful Confession  tries to balance the shojo and shonen aspects of the series but doesn’t quite manage it as well as later episodes. Part of the problem is that the shojo elements (the hinted at romantic triangle between Hitomi, Amano, and Hitomi’s best friend Yukari) are presented in media res but don’t quite feel all that convincing in this episode.

Conversely the more active shonen elements are more ab initio and are significantly stronger in this episode.

Overall I rate Fateful Confession as somewhere between just good enough to hook the viewer in for at least one more episode and a “Wow! That’s So Cool!” pilot.

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