So here I am at the end of Record of Lodoss War. One thing I’ve noticed is that watching single episodes as opposed to devouring a disc (or more) at a time does change the experience of a show.

Whilst I still notice the arc crossing the episodes, I also notice more of the arc within the episodes.

This is a good thing as it draws attention to techniques within the episodes such as the frequent scene cuts that serve to expand the scope and feel of each episode.

On this run through Lodoss was everything I remembered it to be: that high fantasy RPG animé where you could hear the dice rattling in the background of the fabulous music and glorious designs.

A series where the often superb story at times rose far above its RPG report origins even as it used the RPG tropes of alignment and balance.

This time I noticed that there was character development beyond Parn taking several levels in badass.

Of course all the problems I remembered were still there such as the legendarily bad animation as well as newly noticed ones like the increasingly problematic gender roles.

But overall Record of Lodoss War is still a hugely enjoyable watch.

It isn’t a matter of if I’ll ever watch these again, it is a matter of when, and you can have my DVDs when you pry them from my cold dead hands.

Day 1 – Prologue to the Legend
Day 2 – Blazing Departure
Day 3 – The Gender of Lodoss War
Day 4 – The Black Knight
Day 5 – The Grey Witch
Day 6 – Dub vs Sub?
Day 7 – The Desert King
Day 8 – The Sword of the Dark Emperor
Day 9 – The War of Heroes
Day 10 – Requiem for Warriors
Day 11 – Nice job breaking it hero
Day 12 – The Look of Lodoss
Day 13 – The Scepter of Domination
Day 14 – The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain
Day 15 – The Sound of Lodoss
Day 16 – The Wizard’s Ambition
Day 17 – Final Battle! Marmo, the Dark Island
Day 18 – The Making of the Record of Lodoss War
Day 19 – Lodoss, The Burning Continent
Day 20 – Looking Back At Lodoss