In which Parn is revealed as the PC of a munchkin.

Actually that’s a little unfair, but it does explain the scene where he gets both the Holy Sword and the demon sword Soul Crusher.

The episode continues straight on from Final Battle! Marmo, the Dark Island with Parn disposing of some random spirits with the holy sword whilst steering for the sound of the guns.

The sound of the guns in this case being Wagnard and Ashram who are having something of a private party.

However, in a nice piece of contimuity, Parn discovers that the Holy Sword tends to react in close vicinity to the demon sword (but is still surprised to discover Ashram).

Meanwhile above Marmo the dragons are getting busy, and the newly dead of Marmo are rising. Things do not look good on the surface for Kashue, Shiris and Orson…

Wagnard discovers Parn’s presence courtesy of blowing Ashram through a wall and proceeds to take on both of them.

I won’t go into all the details but suffice it to say that the resulting three way fight is well handled, and certainly one of the strongest sequences in the series.

Wort continues to lecture Karla as the fight continues below.

One of the interesting things about this three way fight is that Parn is still clearly the weakest of the three and is left as the last one standing almost by default.

Wagnard however is something of sore loser and destroys the Scepter of Domination ensuring that Kardis will be completely unleashed when she rises.

This is the point where Parn uses both swords to crash through the forcefield separating him from Deedlit.

You don’t get to see exactly what happens next, but whatever it is causes the gold dragon Mycen to power up and thoroughly trash Narse, and that you do get to see.

It also causes the walking dead to crumble to the ground which wraps up the fighting on Marmo with a neat ribbon.

Then the triumphal ending with the obligatory cameos from the other characters as Parn and Deedlit ride off into the sunset to visit Ghim’s grave.

Although offered a position as a Holy Knight of Valis, Parn simply walking away feels like the right ending. 

It shows that Parn has grown beyond the trappings of honour into the reality of being himself, into the truth of doing the right thing simply because it is the right thing.

Overall this is quite a satisfying episode, and a good end to the series.

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