On a DVD release of an early 1990s video series that cut most of the opening and ending credits you wouldn’t expect many extras.

In fact there is precisely one extra: the spectacularly misnamed The Making of the Record of Lodoss War.

When I look at a “making of” I expect behind the scenes interviews, a look at the production process, alternative character designs, storyboards, etc.

In other words, something that more or less resembles a tour of the the production facility and process.

The Making of the Record of Lodoss War is none of these things, and I would bet that it never came within miles of the production studio.

It is instead a short promotional puff piece filmed at an science fiction convention where the first episode was previewed.

From the on stage interviews I get the impression that only three, maybe four, episodes had been completed at this point.

The main thing I take from this piece is that completion of the series was never a done deal, and that the producers were desperate to leverage the popularity of the original novels to boost the sales.

The whole event reinforces my belief that the pilot episode was deliberately made out of sequence to hook the audience and generate momentum. Some of the on stage comments hint at this fairly strongly.

Short enough to be amusing, shades of Otaku no Video in content, a world away from truth in labelling.

Day 1 – Prologue to the Legend
Day 2 – Blazing Departure
Day 3 – The Gender of Lodoss War
Day 4 – The Black Knight
Day 5 – The Grey Witch
Day 6 – Dub vs Sub?
Day 7 – The Desert King
Day 8 – The Sword of the Dark Emperor
Day 9 – The War of Heroes
Day 10 – Requiem for Warriors
Day 11 – Nice job breaking it hero
Day 12 – The Look of Lodoss
Day 13 – The Scepter of Domination
Day 14 – The Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain
Day 15 – The Sound of Lodoss
Day 16 – The Wizard’s Ambition
Day 17 – Final Battle! Marmo, the Dark Island
Day 18 – The Making of the Record of Lodoss War
Day 19 – Lodoss, The Burning Continent
Day 20 – Looking Back At Lodoss