What’s this? Is this a Twenty Days of Lodoss Wars post I see before me?

Episode 6 pretty much establishes the pilot as Episode 5.5 as it starts with Parn et al returning from visiting Wort the Sage to learn about Karla with grim determined looks on their faces.

On their way back our intrepid heroes run into the aftermath of Marmo’s passing.

War is never pleasant, and this episode does not pull any punches on the impact of war on civilians. Ironically it is the thief scout Woodchuck who is the voice of honesty in stripping away Parn’s illusions about the glories of war.

At this point Etoh, Slayn, and Ghim stay back to help with the wounded and the recovery whilst Parn, Deedlit, and Woodchuck carry the message back to Valis. Part of the truth of Karla, that she is possessing Leylia’s body and dates back to an ancient Kingdom of Sorcery, is revealed.

Back with the wounded Slayn prevents Ghim from challenging Karla alone, and makes sure he gets some much needed rest.

As an aside we have our first introduction to Pirotess who is Deedlit’s dark elf mirror. To complete the mirror image Pirotess is almost immediately attracted to Ashram and on this watching it seems more than somewhat contrived. Pirotess does get a more… interesting wardrobe however.

Back in Valis Parn learns the truth of his father’s “disgrace”, and we have the first mention of Shooting Star, the Demon Dragon of Fire Dragon Mountain. Again the theme here is of choices and consequences.

At the end of the episode, whilst Parn and Deedlit are having a quiet moment, Marmo lay a trap and Kashue’s advance party are moving into it.

A few quick cuts to Beld, Wagnard, and Karla and you have the sense of impending doom building nicely as the pieces take their places on Karla’s chessboard.

This is an odd episode with at least three major plot strands running, one epic and two personal.

The epic plot strand is mainly the build up to the major battle of the next episode and is handled primarily from the viewpoint of Marmo. The odd part here is that, despite the carnage already suffered by Alania, Kannon, and Valis, you don’t get the impression that the good guys are really taking this as seriously as the bad guys. There’s an almost relaxed air to the preparations of Fahn and Kashue that, on this rewatch, doesn’t really sit right with me.

The first personal plotline is Parn’s personal development in terms of recognising the horrors of war. This is well handled, lightly spiced by a bit of romance on Deedlit’s part (by this stage she’s got it bad). As noted above, Woodchuck’s role as the voice of honesty is somewhat ironic but works effectively nevertheless.

The second personal plotline, and definitely the minor one at this point, is Ghim’s quest to save Leylia. We have some of the information now but it is, as yet, too soon for Ghim to act on it.

It is also one of the episodes where the lack of an animation budget really bites. So much more could have been done with this episode with just a bit more animation. The dub is still holding up well, and whoever was voicing Woodchuck impressed in this episode.

It appears that the next post is an open topic. I’m not sure what to write about yet so leave a comment if there’s any aspect of Lodoss Wars that you want me to look at

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