Scratches head in confusion. When did these posts turn into essays?

There are two anime/manga auteurs whose work often revolves around the meaning of humanity, about how human society does or should work.

These are valid themes for any artist but ones that risk alienating the audience. To explore, to define, humanity you must sometimes create a contradiction, an alien, that will serve as the mirror in which the audience will see humanity clearly.

Sympathising with the alien can be… hard.

In two of Mamoru Oshii’s earlier movies Patlabor 1 and Patlabor 2 the mirror was a human who had become alienated from society. In both films the attempt of the mirror to reconnect with humanity in odd ways was the driver for the conflict and showed the SV2 to best advantage as group of people that the audience sympathised with.

Yet at the end of both movies we are left wondering if the antagonist (I don’t think I can say villain in these cases) had a point worth considering.

The same themes show up in much of Masumune Shirow’s work, particularly in Appleseed and some of the Dominion Tank Police manga (the anime OAVs…less so). The “mirror” in Appleseed are bioroids, artificial lifeforms, who seek to embrace humanity at every opportunity and who help to bring the main character back into connection with society.

Most, if not all, of the items described above are anime/manga that I’m at least fond of, and generally enjoy greatly.

So, you’d expect that a Mamoru Oshii film of a Masumune Shirow manga would be both a classic and one of my favourites.

Well, I’ll admit that the original Ghost in the Shell movie is generally regarded as a classic.

Well plotted, with an interesting story, and it is visually stunning. A breathtakingly realistic animated view of a world that doesn’t yet exist, in places so well done that you forget that it is animation and not live action.

Ghost in the Shell also leaves me cold.

Even as you push the boundaries of humanity in an attempt to define it you must still present characters that are human enough to sympathise with. Patlabor 2 was right on the borderline of this, and I felt that Ghost in the Shell was a step too far.

The last time I watched Ghost in the Shell I couldn’t really sympathise and started thinking the Eight Deadly Words: I don’t care what happens to these people.

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