I’m one of those people who gets up early when travelling to pack. etc

Today this was a very good idea. When I was finishing packing the main zip on the suitcase I’ve been using for at least 10 years failed. Badly.

At 9:00 when my shuttle to the airport is at 11:15. Insert panic mode and many deleted expletives here.

Fortunately the hotel I’ve been staying at in Christchurch (Best Western Camelot Motor Lodge) is run by a fabulous couple whose concept of adequate customer service matches my concept of truly excellent service. When I showed up in reception asking for the nearest luggage shop, Penny drove me there.

Of course when I was in the shop the problem with my credit card forcing a PIN that I have no idea what it is recurred so I had to sprint across the road to an ATM. Well, a brisk jog.

Oh well at least I’m back at the hotel, I’ve repacked, and I’m starting to calm down.


No, really, starting to calm down now. 🙂