I’ve been rather fond of Mercedes Lackey’s Elemental Masters series – the last outing Phoenix and Ashes  (ie Cinderella) was heaps of fun.

The series is a combination of appropriately dark takes on retelling faerie tales with elemental magic and secret histories of late 19th century Britain that just works for me. Fun, light stuff that I’m generally happy to reread.

Alas, The Wizard of London either omits the faerie tale (or has it so tangentially to the story that I missed it) and replaces it with a more generic tale built on two previous short stories (Grey and Grey’s Ghost). Which is a pity in some respects because it doesn’t do the short stories justice.

As a result I found The Wizard of London to be OK, but not great. Readable certainly, and there’s some interesting expansions of the world building (but which may damage the continuity of the earlier, but set later outings in the series), but somehow lacking.