Well, I’m back at work having spent the morning unpacking the boxes moved from the old office. 

I have a desk that looks like a desk rather than a disaster area so thats good.

I’ve deleted most of the 100+ emails that were waiting for me. Also good.

I have my IT On-call Support mug handy,  tea bags, and milk in the fridge so in short all is right with the world. 🙂

And I’ve changed the journal theme from “Travel” (since I’m not anymore) to a reddish one that I think is easier to read. 

Besides, red ones go faster. 🙂

Oh,  I’ve also added a link to Adventure South to the sidebar. I thoroughly recommend them as a company to go cycle touring with, and I suspect that they’d be just as good at the other types of tours that they do. I certainly intend to take more tours with Adventure South, and having the link there will be convenient when I do.